A Twitter bot built with Elixir.

Published on July 27th 2017

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TwitterBot is a bot built using Elixir. Its aim is to use Wit.ai's language processing to determine the intent of a tweet, and then respond appropriately.

Follow it at @SupprtBot.

Examples of questions you can ask at the moment:

@SupprtBot what is the weather in Chicago?

SupprtBot will respond with the current temperature in Chicago.

@SupprtBot roll a die

SupportBot will roll one 6 sided die for you.

@SupprtBot flip a coin

SupprtBot will flip a coin.

@SupprtBot hello

SupprtBot will say hello back and provide a link to this repository.

@SupprtBot tell me a joke

SupprtBot will respond with a joke from the icanhazdadjoke api.

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